Queensland Coastal Conference 2013
Wednesday 2nd to Friday 4th October 2013

These papers were presented at the 20013 Queensland Coastal Conference held in Townsville, Australia, 2nd to 4th October 2013. The papers appear on the Conference Proceedings website by permission of the authors who retain copyright.

The papers may be downloaded for fair use under the Copyright Act 1954 (its later amendments and other relevant legislation). The proceedings can be cited as: Gunn, J (ed) 2013, Castles in the Sand: Proceedings of the 2013 Queensland Coastal Conference, Townsville, Australia, Australian Coastal Society & Townsville City Council, Townsville.
ISBN 978-0-9806511-2-6

Authors Title File Size

Anning, D., Ware, D., Raybould, M., Lazarow, N.

Valuing beach and surf tourism and recreation in Australian sea change communities

101 KB

Baltais S.

Citizen Science, the benefits and challenges:
How do you make citizen science both fun and useful?

91 KB

Bibby M. and
Lamaro R.

Kirra Beach Dune Regeneration Works: Large scale vegetation of artificially created coastal dunes

1,656 KB

Bolzenius J. and
Korhaliller S.

Seagrass Friendly Moorings - Repairing Marine Habitats through engaging the boating community

330 KB

Cannard T., Hodge J., Tickell S., Sharman C., Seaton S.and Steven A.

Catchment to coast information integration: a South-east Queensland example with national application

1,968 KB

Dale A., Vella K., Pressey R., Brodie J.,
Hugh Yorkston H. and
Potts R.

A risk analysis across the Great Barrier Reef governance system

4,924 KB

Farr M., Stoeckl N. and
Sutton S.

Taking a closer look at Boating, Fishing and Fish in the GBR

618 KB

Gibson P., Cameron R. and Hannay A.

Managing Coastal Hazards in the Burdekin Dry Tropics

519 KB

Harper K. and
Maher J.

Tropical Cyclone Oswald - Coastal Monitoring

3,065 KB

Jenna Bishop J. and
van Nunen S.

Persevering to preserve a Ramsar wetland: Shoalwater and Corio Bays

483 KB

Kurt Davis K., Johns L. and Bean A.

Cairns Marine Plant Management Strategy process and update

51 KB

Mallinson L., Taylor H. and O’Shea O.

A review of plastic resin pellet distribution throughout Australia and mitigation methods for reducing spill-over into the marine environment

564 KB

Nielsen K. and Schwartz R.

Maximum Storm Tide Level Recorders Pilot Project

621 KB

Roughan J.

Coastal hazards: the land use and development policy response

72 KB

Shaeri S., Tomlinson R., Etemad-Shahidi A., Strauss D.

The Importance of Accurate Prediction of Tidal-Induced Water Level Variations in Small Tidal Inlets

788 KB

Sultmman S., Allen M.

The way forward in adapting to coastal hazards in Queensland

790 KB

van Nunen S. and
Bishop J.

Coastal Community Engagement: Achieving more than ever before working alongside 14 community groups

46 KB

Ware D.

Littoral Drift – evolution of institutions for managing the long shore transport of sand across the NSW/Queensland Border

71 KB

Wolanski E. and
Ducrotoy JP

Estuaries of Australia in 2050 and beyond

620 KB

Zeppel, H.

Local Planning for Climate Adaptation in Coastal Queensland

115 KB