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2009 Queensland Coastal Conference Papers

These papers were presented at the second Queensland Coastal Conference, held on the Gold Coast from 13-15 May, 2009 and the Queensland Coastal Councils Forum on 12 May 2009.The papers appear on the Conference Proceedings website by permission of the authors who retain copyright. The papers may be downloaded for fair use under the Copyright Act 1954 (its later amendments and other relevant legislation).





Aaron Wiegand


The Emission, Transport and Deposition of Aeolian
Ammonia From Poultry Farm to Pumicestone
Passage: Use of TAPM to Estimate Annual Loading.

Aaron Wiegand, Sarah Menzel and Neil Tindale

University of the Sunshine Coast.

Anne Leitch

[119 KB]

The capacity of local government to support adaptation
to climate change:
dealing with risk and uncertainty

Anne M Leitch 1, 2 and Cathy Robinson 2

1 ARC CoE Coral Reef Studies, James Cook University, Townsville,

2 CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, Brisbane.

Bennett Fisk et al


Towards Understanding the Ecological Health and Character of Moreton Bay

Bennett, J. 1, Fisk, G. 2, Abal, E., Stevens, T., Connolly, R., Schlacher, T.,
Udy, N., Rissik, D., Zeller, B., Winning, M.,
Deacon, G.

1Dept. of Environment & Resource Management,

2BMT WBM Pty Ltd, Brisbane.

Daryle Sullivan


The use of chemical indicators to source human, animal and bird
pollution of Fraser Island lakes and streams.

Neil Tindale, Daryle Sullivan and Peter Brooks

Faculty of Science, Health and Education (FSHE)
University of the Sunshine Coast, Maroochidore.

Dawn Couchman


From Oysters to Ecosystems: adaptive marine plant management in Qld

Dawn Couchman, 1 John Beumer, 2 Bob Simpson and 3 Phil Hales

Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries:
1Brisbane, 2Deception Bay, 3Cairns.

Donna-Marie Audas


From little things, big things grow

Donna-Marie Audas

Project Manager, Queensland Wetlands Program

George Hill


Coastal safety and risk management – an imperative for Queensland

George Hill¹, Norman Farmer ESM², Adam Weir³

Surf Life Saving Queensland: 1 South Brisbane, Qld
2 Bondi Beach, NSW

Greg Stuart


Shoreline Erosion Management Planning

Greg Stuart, Craig Allery and Dr Juan Savioli

DHI Water and Environment, Queensland.

Henry Yin


Introduction of a new coastal protection method - Elastomeric revetments

Dehua Gu

BASF East Asia Regional Headquarters Ltd.

Iony Woolaghan


Developing a ‘whole of landscape approach’ to managing the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area

Melissa Dixon1 , Kurt Derbyshire1 , Iony Woolaghan2 and Shaun Pobar3

Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries, Department of Employment, Economic
Development and Innovation: 1 Brisbane, 2 Townsville,
3 Parkhurst.

Kurt Derbyshire


Can we minimize the impact of vessel moorings on coastal habitats? An interagency
management approach in Queensland

Kurt Derbyshire1, Rebecca Batton1, Nicola Udy2, Kimberly Foster3 and Richard Marsh4

1 Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries,
2Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Environmental Protection Agency,
3Maritime Safety Queensland,
4Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries,

Leonie Maddigan


Communicating Coastal Conservation – Getting the Message Through

Leonie Maddigan

NQ Dry Tropics

Luke Thompson


Changes to dunes caused by 4WD vehicle tracks in beach camping areas
of Fraser Island.

Thomas A. Schlacher*, Luke M.C. Thompson

Faculty of Science, Health & Education; University of the Sunshine Coast; Maroochydore.

Lyn Wallace


Management of Public Coastal Land in Queensland – uncovering the problems and exploring the solution

Lyn Wallace

Department of Environment and Resource Management, Cairns

Neil Lazarow


Using observed market expenditure to estimate the value of recreational surfing to the Gold Coast, Australia.

Neil Lazarow and Professor Rodger Tomlinson

Griffith Centre for Coastal Management, Griffith University, Gold Coast

Nicole McKirdy


Balancing Fish Habitat Management and Impact of Development

Nicole M cKirdy1 , Celeste Bownds1 , Louise Johns2 and Melissa Dixon3

Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries:
1 Southern Fisheries Centre, 2 Northern Fisheries Centre, 3 Brisbane.

Nicole Middleton


Caring for our Country

Nicole Middleton

Caring for our Country, Australian Government.

Paul Groves


Land, Water, Waste and Community – Current Best Practice for Local
Government motivated towards Reef protection.

Paul Groves, Hugh Yorkston, Jason Vains, Tom Hatley and Melanie Thomas

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

Paul O'Keefe


A review of the use of geotextile erosion protection
structures in the coastal zone

Paul O’Keeffe 1 and Heather O’Keeffe 2

GHD Pty Ltd:
1 Brisbane
2 Perth

Sally Kirkpatrick


Change Within:
The Key to Coastal Sustainability
the success of the program.

Caroline Jackson

Griffith Centre for Coastal Management Griffith University
Gold Coast Campus

Sandra Johnson


Integrating Bayesian Networks and a GIS-based
Nutrient Hazard map of Lyngbya majuscula.

(Moorea producens)

Sandra Johnson 1, Kerrie Mengersen 1, Col Ahern 2, Shane Pointon 2, Chris Vowles 2, Kathleen

1 Queensland University of Technology, 2 Natural Resources and Sciences, NRW, Indooroopilly, 3 Environmental Protection Agency.

Simon Mortensen


Numerical Modelling of Moored Vessel Motions Caused by Passing Vessels in the Port of Brisbane.

Simon B. Mortensen1, Craig Alley 1, Jens Kirkegaard 1 and Robert Hancock 2

1 DHI Water & Environment Pty Ltd,
2 Port of Brisbane Corporation.

Sue Sargent


The Burnett Mary - planning Coastal & Marine Management from the ground up.

Sue Sargent

Burnett Mary Regional Group for NRM Inc, Bundaberg.

Toni Edmondson


Review of the State Coastal Management Plan Background

Toni Edmondson

Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management- Coastal Policy and IPA Strategies

Seagrass Moreton   Currimundi Lake
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