These papers were presented at the 2011 Queensland Coastal Conference, Cairns, Australia, 19-21 October 2011. The papers appear on the Conference Proceedings website by permission of the authors who retain copyright. The papers may be downloaded for fair use under the Copyright Act 1954 (its later amendments and other relevant legislation).

The proceedings can be cited as: Gunn, John, Stuart, Greg, Tindale, Neil and Sargent, Sue (eds) 2011, Ancient Knowledge, Contemporary Innovation: Proceedings of the 2011 Queensland Coastal Conference, Cairns, Australia, Burnett Mary Regional Group for NRM, Bundaberg.
ISBN 978-0-9806511-1-9

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Establishing long term monitoring sites within mangrove and associated communities of Moreton Bay, South-Eastern Queensland, Australia.

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Fish superhighways: ensuring free passage between freshwater and estuarine habitats

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Shoreline Management Planning - A Gold Coast Journey

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Last Line of Defence - Seawalls

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Climate Proofing Bribie Island and the Noosa Biosphere, South East Qld: Moving beyond the case study

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Managing Storm Tide Inundation Risk in a Changing Climate

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Planning for Aquaculture in Queensland

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Do environmentally-friendly vessel moorings reduce impacts on fish habitats? A Moreton Bay case study

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Saltmarsh habitats Queensland fisheries haven under threat of coastal squeeze

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In pursuit of meaningful coastal community engagement in the Digital Age—a story of reflexive practice

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There is no I in a Clean Beach: Tallebudgera Beach Sweeps Award-Winning Partnerships into Clean Beach Action

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Current Threats to Marine Turtles and Post Rehabilitation Success with Satellite Tracking

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Burning on the Beach: Is this the best option for Ghost Nets?

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Modeling of May 1996 East Coast Low Event

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Effects of Natural Disasters on Social-Economic Dimensions of Reef-Based Industries

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People and Communities Developing Partnerships through the Coastal 20 Wetlands Project

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A NETwork of Partners

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Creek to Coral Doing Adaptive Reef Rescue

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Coastal Habitat Creation for Water Quality Improvements to Protect and Enhance the Gold Coast Broadwater

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Our Country Our Way: Guidelines for Australian Indigenous Protected Area Management Plans

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A Characterisation of Sediment Nutrient Transport and Depositional Dynamics in the Lake Cootharaba Catchment Post European Settlement

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Who's Soil Is It Anyway? Challenges, Opportunities and Hidden Costs Associated with Erosion and Sediment Control in Townsville

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World views and climate change: Synthesising lessons in adapting to climate change from the stories people tell

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Coastal Infrastructures Vulnerability Assessment. Trade-Off between Cost-Time Saving and Accuracy

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Meeting the New Queensland Coastal Plan Storm Surge Requirements for Redland City Council

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Woorim Beach Bribie Island and the revolutionary FFF dune fence

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Challenge of Mapping Coastal Hazard Risk in Queensland

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LEARNing LOCAL: Embedding local coastal Natural Resource Management in a National Schools Curriculum

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The Nature of the Beast and Who's Who in the Zoo

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New Zealand Coastal Policy, People and Partnerships: Are there Lessons for Queensland?

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From the Tide to Table - OceanWatch Australia

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Co-learning and stakeholders’ participation in marine protected area management

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Country-based Indigenous Protected Areas: A new approach to integrated coastal land and sea management

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Innovation in improving estuarine water quality

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Planning for Coastal Hazards - the Queensland Coastal Plan

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Planned retreat options in NSW: are we eroding values and accreting liability for property owners?

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Indigenous Learning Approaches for/from Sea Country

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Far North QLD Marine Debris Project

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Incorporating Social, Traditional and Biophysical Values into a Water Quality Objectives Framework for the Wet Tropics

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Cape York Peninsula - Country Planning and World Heritage

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Using accessible cost effective technology to save lives

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Creating Coastal Love with Community Education

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A Strategic, Transparent and Defensible Model for Managing Coastal Land

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Queensland Coastal Management. Indicators to Measure Coastal Governance Outcomes

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Learning to go with the Flow: Overcoming Real and Virtual Barriers in Land and Sea Enhances Connectivity and Survival of Nearshore Reefs, Mangroves and Seagrass Beds